Surface Protection

Surface Protection

In order to help prevent corrosion from continuous exposure to the elements, salty air or indeed prolonged periods of storage before use it is necessary to protect metal surfaces with a surface protective coating.

The products for this application vary in their chemistry based on the actual application they will be used for but the mode of their protection remains the same. Protection is obtained by the coatings forming a barrier between the metal surfaces and the surrounding environment thus preventing or reducing the potential for corrosion. Some of these coatings also have an added benefit of being antimicrobial.


Water Based

Water based surface protection products effectively use synergistic salts which are commonly added to standard corrosion inhibitors used in many applications. These water-based products may also contain an additional film forming additive to further boost their performance depending upon the application and location they are to be used in. These products, depending upon application and design, offer short to medium term protection.

Solvent Based

Solvent based products typically use waxy base material solubilised in an oil base. These can also be combined with a penetrating oil to help penetrate surface corrosion and displace water to create an effective barrier. Once the solvent evaporates the remaining waxy material is left behind to protect the metal surface and will stay there until removed by degreasing. Providing the waxy material used is natural in origin the coating does not tend to crack and is resistant to salt / fresh water - unlike man made waxes which can crack and craze allowing a route for water ingress.


Cleaning Range
Cleaning Range

Ranging from scale dissolvers to rust removers,sanitisers and general degreasers the SANCCUS Chemical Cleaning products have been designed with a simple goal - to get the job done in the safest and the most efficient manner.


Lanovine is a 100% green and sustainable liquid designed to be used as supplied in order to prevent corrosion. It will coat onto metal surfaces making them resistant to fresh and salt water and unlike synthetic products it will not dry out and crack.

Cleaning Range
Cleaning Range



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