SANCCUS have developed a novel gel which can revolutionise the way Black Powder is treated within a pipeline by taking a proactive approach and chemically treating the powder at the source. SANCCUS Pyrogel can greatly decrease the dangers associated with Black Powder.

Iron Sulphide, commonly known as Black Powder, is a very hazardous contaminant often found in sour gas pipelines. This pyrophoric chemical is formed as a result of bio-chemical reactions between the iron from the pipe itself and H2S from produced gas combined with sulphate reducing bacteria in an aqueous environment. Furthermore, when it accumulates in narrower pipeline it can in extreme cases lead to blockages during pigging and the mechanical pig getting stuck in the pipeline.

Black Powder is the source of severe issues not only in the pipeline but also after reaching the receiving facilities where specific safety measures must be put in place to contain the hazard it presents when exiting the pipeline such as keeping it wet and putting in special filtration systems.

How do you overcome all the issues associated with Black Powder?

The answer is SANCCUS Pyrogel.

Pyrogel is a water-based gel used in pipelines to neutralise and transport Black Powder in conjunction with the scraping action of a mechanical pig. Pyrogel works like a debris pick up gel, collecting and transporting the powder to its end destination. What makes this gel different is that Pyrogel reacts with the Black Powder at source and turns it into a non-hazardous salt.

SANCCUS Pyrogel is the best option available on the market to deal with all risks associated with the transport, removal, handling, and disposal of Black Powder.

3 Key Features of Pyrogel

  1. Transforms Black Powder into a non-hazardous substance
  2. Significantly reduces the costs associated with Black Powder disposal methods
  3. Helps prevent the blockage of conventional pigs


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